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    @CullenShane - Most of the Motorola radios with rechargeable batteries also run on either AA or AAA batteries. When the rechargeables in New York Region's crapped out after 3 years, I just picked up a brick of alkaline batteries for every event and tossed the batteries into the recycle bin at the end of the day. I ran our Farmtek timer/photoheads for 8 events last season on a single set of Harbor Freight alkalines, and they have sales every few months where bricks of those are $4.99.

    With that said, you could probably also get away with just picking up a set of AA/AAA rechargeable batteries instead of paying the "Motorola tax" to have them sell you what is most likely the same batteries in a fancy plastic case. I never tried it, because the convenience of using disposable batteries out-weighed the hassle of having to find 5 free outlets to plug in the radio chargers the day before every event.....

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    @Chris said:

    I would love to get Announcer screen to where anyone could announce cool stats. Not just about the current run but also about how they are doing on the day, past couple events, season, etc.... There is some really cool things we could do here. Suggestions are highly encouraged!!

    I'd like to have an announcer function that did the actual announcing! We cannot spare a worker to sit at a microphone at many of our events, and an artificial voice reading times/penalties input to the PA system would be a nice feature.....

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    Unless something has changed in the off-season, AXti.me is only configurable to use the same COM port that it uses for the timer to also interface to external displays. I have had good luck using one of these with our Farmtek timer:


    Since someone had misplaced the DB-9 serial cable that came with our RA display (we were running it plugged into an AXWRATS timer via RJ-45), I also picked up one of these and made an adapter so that a long ethernet patch cable could be used to connect the display:


    No dip switch settings on the display were altered from what worked in AXware, and we went back-and-forth between AXti.me and AXware all last season since we still needed to use AXware for Rallycross events.....

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    @MarcGSR said:

    The reason being is that obviously PAX calculations are done with Street Touring cars running on street tires while Street Prepared and up cars on r-comps. Grouping these classes together and applying PAX would therefore be 'fair'.

    Unfortunately, there are factors in play (weather and temperature) that make any mixing of street tires and R-comps not as cut-and-dry where this is a fair grouping. I'd bet that street tires would out-perform R-comps in a heavy rain with standing water, and can tell you from many late-season autocrosses with temperatures below 45F (7C) that R-comps can't get enough heat in them from an autox run to even stick on par with street tires. We had a debate over this when devising our own local groupings, and defining the groups so that everyone was on similar tires was a primary goal.....

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    @MCOAutocross said:

    • I setup windows internet connection sharing on the main laptop so that it would act as the DHCP server. The router (Asus RT-AC68) was acting as a WiFi access point only. This was not ideal as I would have preferred having the Router act as DHCP provider, but in that role, all internet traffic would go there, rather than through the iphone. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

    First off, congratulations on running your first event with AXti.me!

    The question that I have to ask is why your role computers need Internet access? As long as your on-site router is handing out IP addresses via DHCP and optionally running a local DNS server pointing towards your AXti.me server, the clients should not need to send traffic through your iPhone uplink (and probably shouldn't have access so they don't run your phone bill up downloading updates and stuff).

    Of course, you're probably wondering how the live.axti.me results will be uploaded as cars run? Plug your timing server into the router with an ethernet cable, and set a static IP address + subnet mask on the timing servers wired interface with no default gateway defined. Then, have the timing server connect to the iPhone via wifi or USB, which will set that connection as the default route and allow the timing server to send the times to live.axti.me. Packets to/from the local role computers will flow over the local network (without needing a default gateway), and traffic bound for the Internet will go over the cellular interface via the default gateway. Since only the timing server has cellular access through your event network, your cellular bandwidth isn't being wasted.....

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    Back when I was New York Region SCCA's Solo Chair, I convinced the membership that we should stop handing out attendance trophies (one driver classes) and create some competition. Our ladies and novice classes already ran PAX, so we just made a few more PAX categories:

    Stock (now SCCA Street): SS, AS, BS...HS

    Touring: ST*

    Street Prepared: ASP, BSP...FSP, SM*

    Builder: AP...GP, AM...FM, FSAE, CAM, etc.

    The categories have been tweaked a few times since I left, but the general idea is that the fastest drivers (by PAX) get both the event trophies and season points in each category...and we don't have to go through the headaches of bumping to fill classes. As an added benefit, we have a small group of drivers who bum rides instead of driving their own cars at our events, and they like this arrangement because they can run in any class within the category and still collect season points.....

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    @jeffrGGC said:

    I do remember "TTL..." in the window when it crashed. Now I regreat not capturing it. And you're right, it's step2 that crashes.

    I had the same thing pop up on our system two weeks ago (Windows 8.1 32-bit). It ran fine for the first event on 2.3.5, but had the above problem more than once on 2.3.6. Even worse, it took a few tries to get step 2 to restart without exiting immediately again.

    I saved the error message in one of the command windows on the server console, and was going to cut/paste it into a file as soon as the event ended. Unfortunately, someone bumped the power switch on the UPS right after the last car finished running, and it dropped power to the server before I could grab it. All that I remember was TTL, so we're both seeing the same problem (and I don't think that it's wireless).....

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    I just tried to run the web-based system upgrade utility. It failed while building the 2.3.6 web site, logging this info on the console screen:

    Starting upgrade
    Backing up data...
    creating zipped file : ../_backups/axtime-backup_pre_upgrade_from_2-3-5_2015-09-
    Creating temporary backup file ../backups/axtime-backup_pre_upgrade_from_2-3-5
    backup events done in 141ms
    backup runs done in 578ms
    write backup data done in 2157ms
    done writing backup data file in 2173ms
    Initiating upgrade: from 2.3.5
    downloading new build to C:\axtime\website-2-3-5/../tmp-upgrade-bkQ703nW4x-EkSsk
    response: 200
    done downloading in 13735ms
    extracting files to build-website-2-3-6
    done extracting in 90081ms
    Copying current settings to new
    writing new settings..
    Copying 2 uploads to C:\axtime\website-2-3-5/../build-website-2-3-6/public/uploads
    copying 8b32405458ecd57f52978dd08e837d64.def
    Upgrade had errors. Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory 'C:\axtime\build-website-2-3-6\public\uploads\8b32405458ecd57f52978dd08e837d64.def'
    socket disconnect. online:0

    There is no "uploads" folder in that directory path. Any suggestions how to proceed with the update?????

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    If there is a vote for adding the option to use a second COM port for the display, put me on the list. We're using Farmtek with a DB-9 serial splitter, but I would rather use two different COM ports to keep things isolated.....

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    <=== Being very patient..... :-)

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