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    @Duke That's the issue, it wasn't working for us. It worked for a while and then stopped for no apparent reason. I outlined the entire problem in another thread. I know we were on a Macbook which some speculated was this issue. So it had stopped working, support had become non existent and we had no choice but to abandon it. Ironically enough we're now running Windows on the Macbook Pro with different software and it works perfectly.

    @JasonPowell The software we're using now was written by a Canadian autocrosser with the Southern Alberta Solosport Club and is called MJ Timing. It's free but not open source.

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    We've officially abandoned Axtime and I'd urge anyone considering it to strongly weigh their options. It's a ghost town around here and its been 2 years since this thread was started.

    The lack of support is disappointing. Especially for a product that we paid a lot of money for. I do appreciate those times that Chris did help us but it's time to move on.

    After finishing our season last year with our old version of Axware we have come across a better solution for our 2018 season that won't cost us anything.

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    We have an older Windows machine that runs Axware which we've gone back to using. I appreciate everyone's suggestion and certainly didn't expect to require an OS X expert to run this software. Every other piece of software built for OS X that I run seems to work without one. I'm not messing with trying to get ahold of Chris to get the software running on a Windows machine.

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    @DaveW said:

    @MCOAutocross said:

    Am I the only one that's a bit concerned that Chris hasn't been online in two months?

    No. I am very concerned and at this point treat the software as abandoned.


    I'm obviously concerned as well (see my other thread for how the software is no longer working for us and we're going back to Axware) and I see it as abandoned too. This software isn't his priority as much as his start up is.

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    Yes, we restarted it multiple times. As for wiping the computer and reinstalling things, Chris had to actually install it for us so I don't think that is an option as I haven't heard from him since I sent him an email outlining the problems we've been having. Our next event in July 9th and right now our best option seems to be going back to our old computer and Axware, which sucks but I'm not tech savvy enough to be a beta tester for this software. I'm just annoyed we spent about $100 an event for the time we used it.

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    So this is our second year of using Axtime and while we had a couple of teething issues, they were minor and Chris was very helpful. We ran it for the entire season and it made timing so much easier. We weren’t even using any of the wireless features

    Then the logic board on our old Macbook Pro died before our last event of the season and we had to go back to Axware since that was our back up. It was terrible and reminded us of why we switched to Axtime in the first place.

    This year we bought a brand new Macbook Pro to replace our old one. I had a couple of issues getting it to run as I am not a programmer at all but Chris spent an hour with me getting everything set up and working. As always he was great.

    This is a dedicated computer that doesn’t do anything else except our timing, club related business or some random Internet surfing. We bought a router as well but couldn’t get the wireless results working. I asked some questions about that in another thread.

    So for our first event 3 weeks ago Axtime ran perfectly. No timing issues at all.

    But we had our second event of the season yesterday and everything just fell apart and I have no idea why. We didn’t even start Axtime in the 3 weeks since then so we made no changes to anything.

    It started the night before with trying to create the second event and nothing appeared. We restarted it and tried creating the event again but this time two events appeared. The one that we tried to create before and the new one. We couldn’t figure out a way to delete one of them.

    We started the system the next morning and while we’ve never been able to import from MS Reg due to some sort of error, we usually just import a .CSV file and it works just fine.

    Yesterday, it wouldn’t even do that. In Chrome, I got a localhost refused to connect error. We tried several times and a couple of times it even said that it was imported successfully but nothing actually imported.

    So this sucked but we figured we could just quickly type in their info as we checked them on or use member lookup for people who had come to our first event. We get about 70-80 cars per event with registration being open for at least an hour so entering them on the fly wouldn’t be a big deal.

    So I decided to add the few club members that volunteer since I knew their cars, class and number to get started before the rush. I went to new registration and noticed that half of our PAX classes were missing. Only Street and Street Touring were showing. All of the classes were showing though. Even member lookup wouldn’t show their PAX class for SM or SP competitors.

    I went into manage seasons and noticed that the PAX classes were buggy in there. I’d try adding SM and it would disappear or ask me if I’m sure I wanted to delete this driver. I’d also hit Add Class and the first bar that I’d need to type the PAX class into was missing.

    At this point we realized that we’d have to use our Race America AC4 to record times and manually enter them into a spreadsheet to time. Axtime was just being too buggy and the worst part is we have no idea why.

    I know Chris is one man (and a busy one at that) and he has built what is usually an excellent timing system but none of us that time for our club have a software or pogromming background so when faced with these errors we have no idea where to even start troubleshooting.

    There also isn't nearly supporting documentation to go with it especially explaining what system is doing. Even the install guides assume a high degree of understanding but still don’t explain why it’s being done a certain way.

    I tried setting up an event today and I’m still getting all the same issues I mentioned above. I have screenshots of all the issues we were having. We have no idea what we’re going to do going forward timing wise as Axtime really let us down when we needed it and after working perfectly 3 weeks earlier for our first event.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Thank you very much for the information! I'll give it a try. As I mentioned, data is stupidly expensive up here and they'll give you the dongle for free but charge a lot for the data.

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    So this is our club's second season using Axtime but last year we focused on learning the new system and getting it running. This year we'd like to get the wireless results up and working using a router. Live results aren't really an option for us as data cost is ridiculous in Canada and we'd have to sign a contact for something we'd use 5-6 times a year.

    So has anyone set up Axtime on a Mac using the wireless results? We're on an a Macbook Pro and since we're a smaller club 60-80 cars just have a couple of people doing timing. We'd like someone queuing cars using the app though.

    I have the router set up on the Mac with a guest network and people can log in but it doesn't display results. This isn't exactly my area of expertise so I'm not sure how to make sure the results display when people type in the IP address on their phones.

    Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated.

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    I, too echo the comments above and hope that 2017 is better for you and your family and in congratulating you on the startup success.

    Thanks for letting us know that you are still committed to Axtime as it is the best product out there!

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    We just completed our first event today and other than the fact we had snow messing with our sensors things went really well!

    Our only real Axtime glitch was that we had to enter in times from the AC4 manually for the first 4-5 cars and couldn't figure out how to get them to import automatically but on car 6 it just started to import times automatically and did so for the rest of the day.

    Aside from that the software was fantastic and it's light years ahead of Axware! It was by far the easiest registration we've ever had and it worked seamlessly with MS Reg.

    While we did it without wireless results for the first event, we're looking forward getting that set-up before our next event on June 12th. We just need a little more help in doing so. Maybe some better instructions on exactly what we need to do step by step.

    @CullenShane said:

    Printing registrants at the beginning of the day to ensure numbers and classes are correct before the event starts? I can't seem to find a good way to do this.

    This was a big one for us. We couldn't figure a way out to do this either and would like to know.

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