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    @Chris said:

    I'm just saying it is a massive change that affects the core of the system. :-) I know it is moving slowly and appreciate the patience.

    Completely understandable, just anxious to use this amazing software! Just curious, will the "rallycross" mode be separate software from axtime or will there be options within the current axtime software to toggle those alternate timing features?

    @Chris said:

    SCCA rules (from the research I've come up with)... DNF's are counted as the slowest raw time from within the driver's class and same run number + 10 secs. This is what I'm building.

    Build it within the SCCA rules, that's what we'll use. Right now we're just testing different ways of doing it to see how the drivers respond.

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    Any time frame on implementing a rallycross mode at all? And has there been much interest in it?

    I took a gander at how Axware handles it and this is what I found, if that helps.

    "Rally Cross Mode":

    "Rally Cross is an autocrossing event for which all the runs are summed to provide the Total Time. All cars must have the same number of runs. Once each run begins, the cars with fewer runs will have a total time of DNS. Once an entry has taken the same number of runs as all the other cars, that total time will be calculated.

    Note: since DNFs drastically affect the finishing position of an entry, in some cases it may of benefit to flag DNFs as Re-Runs, which will eliminate the run altogether.

    Number of Drops: The number of runs that are not counted in the calculation of the Total Time. This accounts for DNFs and the highest times for each entry. In the name of fairness, this provides a way to rule out a small number of bad runs and DNFs. If the number of drops is set to 0 or is not used, a DNF would disqualify the entry from competition, regardless of how fast the remainder of the runs are. Default is 2.

    Auto-Adjust DNF by X Pylons: This option allows you to replace DNFs with a Pylon count rather than as a true DNF. A pylon count is added to the DNF time to provide a time-based penalty and allow the entry to stay somewhat competitive in the event. (DNFs in RallyX mode are very prohibitive penalties). Enter the number of pylons that force a DNF run to a high time but allow the entry to remain in the running. The resulting DNF times should not be faster than any other competitor. An alternate approach to this option is to manually enter DNFs as pylon penalties in the staging grid (high number of pylons). Although this will act much like the function described here, the DNF designation will disappear in the Staging Grid (making it not look like a DNF). Using the automated approach described here, it will retain the DNFs in the staging grid and assign the time offset (based on the number of pylons selected) when the run is consolidated into the standings grid.

    Average all Runs Method: Averages all the run times (excluding the Number of Dropped runs). The number of runs for all the cars does not need to be the same as in the normal Rally Cross mode. Rather the average is reached based on the number of runs that each car has taken (and thus they do not need to be the same).

    Results Based on Completed Runs: This option allows you to control events whereby not all the participants get the same number of runs. In this mode, only completed runs are counted while DNS entries do not impact the results. This is a quite a different approach than requiring a fixed number of runs that are managed using the above settings."

    So, again, our organization will be using he SCCA Rallycross rules for timing. All runs count and they get added together for the total time. A DNF would be the drivers Slowest raw time in that heat plus ten (10) seconds. The only thing we do different is we don't use cones so there are no cone penlites against the drivers.

    Would love to implement your software as soon as we can!!!

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    Glad to hear things went well for ya! Our organization only does rallycross and we've been patiently waiting for that mode/feature so we can switch to the software.

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