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    @JC Looks like there are two problems here... one, we did make a config change and missed something which is why you're getting the "invalid URL". I've just fixed that and I believe you can now import successfully - please let us know via MSR support if that is not the case (I don't get notifications from this forum so please be sure to contact us directly).

    The reason why this problem occurred is because AxTime has been accessing the MSR API over HTTP instead of HTTPS. I'm supposed to sync up with Chris on something unrelated so I'll see if we can get that fixed. It should be a matter of changing a "http://" to "https://".


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    @vreihen said:

    I did the exact same thing two weeks ago, which is how I knew the error message as soon as I saw it on your screen shots.....
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    Impressive.. @vreihen started using AXti.me in the future!!

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    @Nouri Our autocross recommendations changed 3 or 4 years ago but I'll explain how we currently recommend people setup their events (and what should be compatible with axtime for the import which I'll let @Chris confirm):

    Class -> It's all of your standard classes PLUS your index classes like Pro,. Novice, etc. This is because when you enter as "Pro", it IS your class. E.g., it's mutually exclusive to entering HS.

    Class Modifier/PAX -> It's all of your base classes which have PAX modifiers. This is generally speaking all of your standard classes excluding the indexed classes like Pro/Novice/etc.

    Groups -> the people who use it normally do so for heats so you can register for what part of the event you're running/working. Ignore if unneeded.

    The validation rules that enforce only picking an appropriate index/base class are designed with the above setup in mind. You can reach out to our MSR support anytime and we can give you a hand with this if it's not clear. The above should be the axtime-compatible setup.


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    Hey guys, Brian from MSR here. A few things:

    1. If you're importing from MSR to AxTi.me, correct me if I'm wrong Chris, but minor changes in name/etc shouldn't matter, right? Since we're using the attendee ID behind the scenes?

    2. Chris, can they import multiple times from MSR into axtime as a sort of "Catch up" process? E.g., if they sat at registration and did the bare minimum to log walkups in MSR (assuming connectivity), could the timing people keep clicking "import" to get the latest? What if we let you say "give me only registrations since this datetime"?

    3. It sounds like two things may be useful here - a sync process from axtime back to MSR post-event which Chris and I have discussed often as well as a better way of capturing walkups. Maybe a screen to go with our check-in screen that lets you very quickly capture just the minimum info and enter the driver and it sends them an email saying, "here's how you finalize things once you're back home"? You definitely want to be capturing at least their email so you can promote your future events to them.

    Am I missing anything?

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