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    An update on our approach:

    Instead of using a judgement based approach to mapping Street Classes (AS through to HS) to our A through E base classes, we're using PAX values to determine where one base class starts and another ends.

    You can read about it here: http://www.mco.org/wordpress/2017/02/06/2017-classing-worksheet/

    Each year, we'll feed the new pax values into our spreadsheet and it will spit back base classes.

    The 2018 sheet is here: http://www.mco.org/wordpress/autocross-news/autocross-rules-classing/

    If it's not obvious, we do not further adjust times using PAX values. All our results are based on RAW time.

    A is also out top class. As far as competitor distribution, its pretty good, but B Class tends to be least well represented., You can see our results over time here: http://www.mco.org/wordpress/autocross-news/autocross-results/

    You'll find we spend a great deal of energy on posting results. We find it builds community and makes competitors feel like their investment of time in the sport is special and worthwhile.

    Hope this is helpful to others.


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    Would love to know what's going on. 15 days since Jason posted.

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    In Ottawa, we bought a videotron data point for $200 and get a monthly plan for May and cancel it at the start of September.

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    We are having this problem, too. Last event, it was working until I did a reclass, recalled, and synched. Then everything stopped working.

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    Ended up manually registering, queing, and entering the top times for 95+ competitors to get our points table rebuilt.

    Today at our event, live.axti.me was not showing run history. Instead it was only showing the fastest run and it was not keeping in synch.

    Really sad about where things seem to be heading as we really love the software and would dread going back to Axware.

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    No word from Chris at all. :(

    It happened once before for us earlier this year, but I thought it was related to a special circumstance as it was for an event where we manually entered the times.

    I'd hate to have to do that for 90+ competitors in order to recapture event 4.


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    @JC said:

    OK, so here I am filtering through the empty registrations for our year end points, and it has happened 3 times already that after I erase 3 entries that didn't run from an event (Event #4 and #5) after I recalculate the event, it erases EVERY SINGLE run. It's getting pretty annoying.
    Second, I have not been able to figure how to filter the minimum events required to qualify for year end points. So I have to yet again, manually calculate and sort.

    I'm having a similar problem. I reclassed a car after Event 5, recalculated, and now Event 4 data is gone. Not run data, no points from Event 4.

    I have back-ups with Event 4 in tact, but how the hell do I merge Event 5 into those or vice-versa?

    Sent a support request on Sunday. Still no response.

    @JC: If you have any info you can share, please let me know.

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    Am I the only one that's a bit concerned that Chris hasn't been online in two months?

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    @Chris said:

    RE: v3, Given the last 12 months of my life, I've decided to do it differently. Since time is a current constraint, I'm going to start tackling smaller chunks, refactoring and release more with smaller changes.

    Since I'm a little out of touch with everyone, it would be great to hear what your top issues are (bugs or features).

    That's a great way to approach it, Chris.

    Top of my list would be:

    • Imports from MSR should be able to recognize rookies and who has paid
    • Fixed points allocation instead of calculation option
    • Two com ports, one for RaceAmerica Display and one for T-Link PC connection


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