Our two announcers have the same request, so I figure it's worth asking.

First let me say that they, and I, love the announcer scree as is. It's worlds better than what we used to have (AxWare). It actually works! It's not confusing in the least. It doesn't remind me of the 80s, etc.

Okay, now that you're buttered up, here's the request. Is there a way to show not only the last driver to finish but also the previous one?

Right now we can see info on the last driver to finish plus the next to finish. That's 2 people. Our guys would like 3 people: the same two people plus the person who ran prior to them. Basically just one more in the history.

The reason is that sometimes there are a couple of finishes in quick succession and while announcing one person's time, the next guy gets bumped down twice and he/she is lost on the screen. So of course the announcer has to go looking for that person's info. It would be nice if there were 2 previous finishers' info. Hope I explained it okay.