Well, that was interesting! We just ran our first event with AXti.me, and I wanted to share the equipment lessons learned as a result of the weather.

First and foremost is that touchscreens do not like being wet. We didn't have waterproof cases for any of our portable equipment, but even standing under an umbrella and touching it with a damp finger is an exercise in futility. Sometimes they will read a tap, other times it will take 5-6 taps before it catches on. My Apple Watch is still not responding to screen taps...and I wasn't even trying to use it! :-(

My next discovery was that trackpads on notebook computers get sticky when your fingers look like prunes from being wet all morning. Moving the mouse is an exercise in futility. Our old T&S computer had a touch pointer joystick thingy in the middle of the keyboard, so I had never experienced this in 10+ years of events (one of which was hours before Hurricane Sandy made landfall).

My last lesson was about the portability of a complex equipment setup when the skies open up without warning and you have to scramble to find cover for everything. I think that I'm going to mount the NUC computer, UPS, and wifi access point into a big tupperware box or something, so they can be moved as a single assembly and maybe even have some protection from the weather.

Although today's rain was nothing compared with some other events that I've worked in the past (*), it was the first using our new equipment and I wanted to share my findings because I had never thought about operating in the rain as a requirement when selecting equipment.

(*) We ran an event that was called the SwimKhana because it was faster to swim the course instead of walking, and another one was the monsoon event named because the weather station at nearby JFK Airport logged over 14.5" of rain during the time that we were running.

We wound up running T&S out of my pickup truck cab, with the starter radioing in car numbers for the car queuer to enter.....