For clubs who wish to use MSR for onsite self-registration, or in cases where participants want to pay by credit card on the morning of the event. Also useful for SCCA clubs, since they can use MSR to validate memberships and process paperless weekend membership forms without needing these functions added to

I'm envisioning that an option be added to the event creation screen, where the new event can be linked to an MSR event. From that point on, would look at MSR (either polling every minute [configurable to save cellular bandwidth?] or push through MSR's API) and automagically add any drivers that are marked with the specified MSR status (confirmed or checked in?).

A similar result could be had by doing the MSR import at the end of registration, but this makes the tech feature of useless since the entrants won't be in the system until after registration closes.

We currently close MSR the evening before the event and do onsite registration in the T&S computer, but have thought about doing onsite self-registration by making people create MSR accounts and they their own data. The only hesitation is sketchy 3G/4G service at two of our sites. I suspect that once people are forced to create an MSR account (with us helping them), they will use it from home and register for all future events online. The goal is to get everyone to self-enter their stuff in MSR, and then see the cashier (looking at the MSR registrations screen) to pay and be marked in MSR as confirmed or checked in. That would trigger the hands-off import into

Just throwing out the suggestion, to see if anyone else would use it or has any other ideas/suggestions?????