I have a NetZero mobile internet USB dongle. It works most of the time, with occasional troubles, but is overall pretty reliable. It typically drops once or twice during an event, and needs to have the connection reestablished.

But starting when I was bench testing on Friday night, and during the event on Saturday, clicking the Sync button instantly killed the internet connection and reset the dongle as if it wasn't even inserted. I would have to unplug / replug for the connection software even to recognize the device so I could restart the connection. When the connection was established, even without attempting to manually sync via the button, Axti.me was giving continual connection errors and never uploaded data. The internet connection worked fine for other sites.

There were no known settings changes on my part, though there were the inevitable Win10 updates, since it was last used successfully in June. The timing gear input is using COM3 and the dongle is using COM4-6, so there is no conflict there.

Any ideas or advice will be appreciated. Thanks!