I recently installed AXti.me 2.3.7 onto a fresh copy of Windows 10. Step 1 ran fine but Step 2 would open and immediately close. I copied the error log and it contained 'Error: listen EACCES'. Chris kindly advised me this was occurring due to something listening on Port 80 and to go into AXtime>website and open the 'settings' file with Notepad and change Port 80 to 3000 which then made Step 2 launch fine.

To find the cause of the problem, I downloaded a handy utility called CurrPorts (http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html) that lists all open ports and the process that opened it. I discovered in Windows 10 - and sometimes previous versions of Windows - there is a system process 'W3SVC' using Port 80 (see screen shot 1).

You must go to Task Manager>Services tab>on the bottom Open Services>find World Wide Web Publishing Service>right click Properties>select Startup type: Disabled (see screen shot 2)

Voila, AXti.me RM can now access Port 80!

Open Port 80 in Windows 10

Open Port 80 in Windows 1s