Small issue, with suggested fix.

The current leaderboard has columns numbered from 1 to x. These numbers do not mean anything, as they aren't tied to the Event Number in the database. They normally align with the Event Number, but when they don't, it's more confusing then helpful. This is only a problem if an event gets missed/cancelled/postponed, so it's not going to happen frequently, but when it does it's a bit of a mess.

E.g. We had to postpone Event #2 due to weather, so now all our event numbers don't line up with the column numbers in the standings. It's not wrong, it's just misleading. Even I have to keep reminding myself of this, and for our more casual members it's quite confusing.

See example here. I added the red text to make it easier to understand:
Standings with Event numbers.png

Simple Fix:
Can you add either the "Event Name" or "Event Number" or even "Date" directly below the column heading, kinda like I did there? That would help a lot! :)