We had some issues with crashes at an event earlier this month and had to log results on paper to keep the event moving while we debugged the situation. As a result, those events were not entered into the system until after the event concluded. I did this by queuing up the drivers and manually entering their times. All the runs were credited to the correct drivers, but for us, order is important.

Because our rules state that the first run is a practice run and it's not counted towards best time calculations for the event, the order of the runs for this event is not correct for some of the drivers. I can't see a way to manually adjust the order of the runs, so I'd like to request some enhancements to the Driver Details screen.

For the time keeper, event admin, and/or admin, it would be very helpful if they could:

  1. Edit a run by clicking on it from the driver details screen
  2. Manually add a run for the driver from the driver details screen
  3. Re-order the runs for a driver from the driver details screen

This would make it very easy to fix any issues for a driver all from one place.